Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Night sleeper!

On Friday morning at 7am I woke up, cause my boobs hurt. I don't have a lot of milk, so I don't experience that feeling very often. I realized that I had put my littlest girl down at 9:30 the night before and had yet to hear a peep from her. Right away, I thought, WHOOPY!!! SHE SLEPT ALL NIGHT!!!! Then a feeling of dread creeped in...she must be dead. Seriously. Isn't it funny how the mothers brain has to go to the worst possible scenario? I laid in bed, awake, trying to keep from going in and putting my finger under her nose. I had the same moment with both the other girls. More then once I am sure. And with them I did, I just got up out of bed and ran into their rooms and poked them till they breathed or moved a little. But I have gotten more patient, more controled. It just takes effort! At 7:30 Jesse woke up and I told him that she had slept all night. He was so excited and impressed by her. Then I told hm my secret fear that she was in there dead. So he got up out of bed and sneaked into her room and gave her a little poke. She wiggled, then went back to sleep. MY HERO.

Since that night she has woken up once or twice a night nearly every night, just needing her binkie back. The last 2 nights she woke up before 7 and was just awake. Fine by me. I am thrilled that she has already learned to sleep so well on her own. And somehow, there is this little loss of her need for me. And that is always bitter sweet.

Char is such a dear. A big talker. She is gonna give the big girls a run for the money in the attention department. She is already noisy, engaging, and fun. Good news is, the big girls are as glued to her as I am.