Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's not easy being green...

Seriously...what MORE must I DO!!!! It seems like every day I add some new thing to my day to try to SAVE the PLANET. I have been beaten into a guilty submission...I think it helps that I am a naturally easy to guilt person. I have a home full of halogen light bulbs. I turn off lights and TV's everywhere I go. We keep the heat at 62 degrees in the winter (don't like it, wear a sweater!) and 76 in the summer. I switched to cloth diapers even though my youngest was nearly 2! I hadn't realized the impact I was making and I refused to make it ANY longer. I switched to organic milk, eggs that are from cage free veg fed farms. I try to buy fruits and veggies from local (I try for within 150 miles of where I live) farms. This last one is easy when you live in California the LAND of MILK and HONEY! Where you can get tomatoes nearly year round...But it will be tough when we get to detroit. I am going to have to learn how to cook with turnips I think...I also try to buy second hand first, use reusable bags, and try to NEVER BUY FROM CHINA. Or Walmart.

In any case. The point is not to toot my green horn. The POINT is this, WHAT MORE MUST I DO??? I am reading this new Green magazine put out by national geographic, and watching the Human Foot print (to be candid, I really made it through the first 15 min...ok 5 min before I had to turn it off cause I was so guilt ridden!) and I don't know if I can make the next steps people.
In order of maybe can do to LEAST appealing way to save the EARTH...
- Switch to Pthalate free Eco-friendly cosmetics, cleaners, and body/hair cleansers.
This one isn't so bad, I just really like the cheapo stuff I use, and shelling out the extra cash would be tough...Also they are tough to find sometimes!!
- Switch to BPA free plastics or glass.
Again, this is less of a huge hassle, and more of a financial issue. I have a good friend who is willing to sell me her glass bottles for baby number 3. Which will be really nice. And I guess when we move I will just sell the stuff I have a buy new better for us stuff when we get to detroit.
- Buy Eco friendly clothes
I half keep up with this by buying mostly second hand, but when I buy first hand...I have a hard time shelling out the cash for organic, re-purposed clothing and shoes.
- Become a VEGITARIAN!!!
WTH. No. No way. I can't. I love meat!! They are saying if you want to help save the PLANET the best move is to not eat MEAT! Particularly red meat. Which is fine cause I eat very little red meat. BUT this also includes products that come from cows, milk, cheese (PLEASE GOD!!! NOT CHEESE!!!) yogurt, the LIST GOES ON...Now every time I eat a piece of meat, I feel like I am eating a bit of the EARTHS heart!! EATING my CHILDRENS future EARTH AWAY!!!

Ok...this has all become very dramatic. I draw the line. I DRAW IT!!! I will not stop eating meat and DAIRY. But...I will try to buy meat that is from organic as close to local sources as possible. THERE HAPPY!!?? Who am I talking to?? THE EARTH??? I wish I could just live on a self sufficient farm.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Honest to BLOG. It's my first. I am 13 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Woohoo, welcome to the second trimester me! And I have to be honest, in some ways this has been a WAY easier pregnancy. The nausea has been much less debilitating than it was with the girls. I don't know it it was the b6 I was taking every night, or I am trying out growing some new type of genitalia, but it is actually something I can handle. Really that is what I was most scared of when we decided to get knocked up again, even more than LABOR! The only crappy thing is that I have a subchorionic hemorrhage. It led to a big scary bleed one Sunday and a trip to the ER. Little toughy baby in there is hanging in and looking GOOD! But I spent 2 weeks on restricted activities, and now I am up and about, but I am still on pelvic rest...which has be hard and lame. I have dreams of a (tmi coming here) sexual nature nearly every night. It has been tough. But I am mostly done bleeding and I am hoping after my appointment on May 1st I will be allowed to be *ahem* intimate with my dear husband again.
So that is that as for the pregnancy, for now...beside being pretty tired...

I had a moving company come today and give me a quote for moving to detroit...it is crazy spendy to move across the country...but what was really funny was that the guy heard that I was listening to Howard. You have to know, if you don't listen, or hate him, or whatever, that he has this sidekick, Artie Lang, who I love. Well he got in a big fight on the show a week and a half ago. He threw water at his assistant, and tried to punch him! Anyway, so he says that day that he isn't coming back. This to me would be a real problem for me. I love Howard, but I would miss Artie so much that I would have a hard time listening to some other douche try to be as funny as him. So today, Howard is finally back from a week off, and he says he will announce if Artie is back or not. Well, long story longer, he is back and will continue on the show, but it was a big day and I HAD to listen. I was pretty frustrated that I had to turn it off long enough to get this quote...silly I know. So the guy sits down to do the quote after looking at my pea pickin messy house, and I turn it back on. We ended up having a long conversation about Howard and all that has happened since he moved to Sirius. Then as he was leaving we were talking about other talk show people, and I brought up Dr Laura, I get crap all the time for liking either one of these people, I say, they both have plenty of good things to say, and you don't have to agree 100% with someone to think they are smart, or worth listening too. Anyway, I think it is a good combo really cause they agree sometimes...they both think you should have lots of sex with your man to make him happy...I am telling you it works...and I HATE PELVIC REST! That may be the only thing they have in common...Oh, heck they both piss people off...that is another thing. So moving guy and I bonded over Stern. Gotta love it. Howard Stern and Dr Laura, bringing people together!