Monday, April 21, 2008


Honest to BLOG. It's my first. I am 13 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Woohoo, welcome to the second trimester me! And I have to be honest, in some ways this has been a WAY easier pregnancy. The nausea has been much less debilitating than it was with the girls. I don't know it it was the b6 I was taking every night, or I am trying out growing some new type of genitalia, but it is actually something I can handle. Really that is what I was most scared of when we decided to get knocked up again, even more than LABOR! The only crappy thing is that I have a subchorionic hemorrhage. It led to a big scary bleed one Sunday and a trip to the ER. Little toughy baby in there is hanging in and looking GOOD! But I spent 2 weeks on restricted activities, and now I am up and about, but I am still on pelvic rest...which has be hard and lame. I have dreams of a (tmi coming here) sexual nature nearly every night. It has been tough. But I am mostly done bleeding and I am hoping after my appointment on May 1st I will be allowed to be *ahem* intimate with my dear husband again.
So that is that as for the pregnancy, for now...beside being pretty tired...

I had a moving company come today and give me a quote for moving to is crazy spendy to move across the country...but what was really funny was that the guy heard that I was listening to Howard. You have to know, if you don't listen, or hate him, or whatever, that he has this sidekick, Artie Lang, who I love. Well he got in a big fight on the show a week and a half ago. He threw water at his assistant, and tried to punch him! Anyway, so he says that day that he isn't coming back. This to me would be a real problem for me. I love Howard, but I would miss Artie so much that I would have a hard time listening to some other douche try to be as funny as him. So today, Howard is finally back from a week off, and he says he will announce if Artie is back or not. Well, long story longer, he is back and will continue on the show, but it was a big day and I HAD to listen. I was pretty frustrated that I had to turn it off long enough to get this quote...silly I know. So the guy sits down to do the quote after looking at my pea pickin messy house, and I turn it back on. We ended up having a long conversation about Howard and all that has happened since he moved to Sirius. Then as he was leaving we were talking about other talk show people, and I brought up Dr Laura, I get crap all the time for liking either one of these people, I say, they both have plenty of good things to say, and you don't have to agree 100% with someone to think they are smart, or worth listening too. Anyway, I think it is a good combo really cause they agree sometimes...they both think you should have lots of sex with your man to make him happy...I am telling you it works...and I HATE PELVIC REST! That may be the only thing they have in common...Oh, heck they both piss people off...that is another thing. So moving guy and I bonded over Stern. Gotta love it. Howard Stern and Dr Laura, bringing people together!

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