Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Charlotte...6 months old!!

Is 6 months already! Where did my little infant go??!! She is 16 lbs, and she looks so tall! She loves the jumperoo, she makes people smile everywhere we go with her bright eyes and easy attitude. She has almost always got a grin on. She loves to babble and I think I have to just admit that her first word is Dada. She says it all the time. Though I think she thinks it is what you say to get a parent to come and look at you. She will roll around on the floor for a hours happily as long as she has something to chew on. She rolls from her tummy to her back, but will only go from her back to her side ( I think she just HATES being on her tummy still). She isn't interested in progressing in the physical stuff. Which is FINE by me. But her fine motor skills are really good, and she is strong. She loves to sit in her bumbo in the play room and watch the girls play. And she LOVES baths. She has learn how to splash, which is altogether surprising and hilarious to her. She reaches for people (even strangers). She thinks the dogs ears are fun to play with, and I think she really wants to chew them badly. I was holding her today rocking her before bed, looking at her sweet face, her hair in a little piggy tail at the top of her head, her eyes doing that slow blink and rolling up back, and I could have cried, I like her so much.


  1. She's such a beautiful baby Laurel! I look at pictures of her and can't believe that she is the same little person who scared us all so much when she was first developing. I'm so glad she's here, happy, and healthy.

  2. She is so stinking cute! Love your blog background too. :)

  3. Laurie "Shine" ColenAugust 12, 2010 at 1:17 PM

    All 3 of your girls are cutie pies! I so remember those days you just described. I thought Robert was going to be my last baby, until Surprise! baby Sarah. Robby was always then, and still is the most affectionate one. I miss those days with my babies. So, yeah for us grandmas!