Tuesday, March 2, 2010

...hello? I think I got spider webs in my hair...

It is dusty in here. And dark. Here, lemme open a window or too, lets get this place aired out, huh? Geeze, been a while huh? My friend Darla has a cool new blog, and reading it made me feel like it was time to get back on the bloggy horse. Also, Mary Schumacher told me that it was dusty in here, and I HATE dust.

Ok, so updates. Alana is in Kindergarden! She is reading like a champ. Her teacher loves her. She says that her class has a large population of high energy boys, and that Alana is such a good listener that she functions as a example for the rest of the class! Well that's what a mom likes to hear! She was Student of the month in November, and kindergarden writer of the month in January. I am very proud of her. She is grumpy in the mornings and doesn't seem to remember that she likes school when I go in to wake her up. She is wacky in the evenings, I think she spends a lot of energy on following rules and instructions at school that by the time she gets home she drops all attempts at being normal and goes BANANAS. Sometimes, it is funny...mostly it is frustrating. We have started having Mommy-Alana time for the first few moments after she comes home from school. We go to her room and read, and snuggle for a little while before I release her back into the wilds of the basement. Seems good so far.

Joey is THRIVING in preschool. She wakes up every morning asking if she can go to school today. Her teachers say she is the loudest singer, the best dresser and she has cute headbands. They describe Joey as a free spirit who gets along with everyone, but who is learning to stand up for herself so she doesn't get walked on. She is already starting to read a bit, which I think is a function of Alana playing teacher with her. We are throwing around the idea of putting her in the early childhood education center at Wayne state next year. I think she would love it, particularly if I end up going back to school next fall.

Charlotte...my darling, sweet, littlest girl has emerged from the rolly-polly snugly baby cacoon and she has transformed into a danger seeking, mess building, trouble making, walking, squealing almost toddler. This child has a radar for all things breakable or dangerous, and she wants to seek, and destroy, preferably by putting it in her mouth. She likes to crawl up the back of the couch and throw things off the breakfast bar. She Had her first Xray the other day because she got into Alana's backpack, took out a necklace that was a present for Alana's teacher and destroyed it. We found the pendant in her mouth, but not the metal piece that held the pendant to the ribbon. I was pretty sure she swallowed it. Thank GOD she didn't. But this is the kind of experience that I expect will be more and more common raising baby choo char. She is an adventurer.

As for me, I went to school this last fall, to get my Math competency so I can apply to wayne states nursing program. This winter has been tough for me. I spent most of it fighting bout after bout of tonsilitis. LAME SAUCE. I got the nasty things out last thursday and I am recovering pretty well. I am planning a HUGE garden this spring, and I can't wait to be done with the snow!! I have all sorts of plans!

Now, no promises. I am not gonna say, I will post every day! Or even once a week....but, friends, I will try harder.

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