Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Playing catch up

Thought I would post some pictures of Alana's birthday. She turned 6 on the 2nd of Dec. She picked out a dress to wear to school, and she came home to a bunch of presents and a cake that her Dad bought for her. I was at school late that day, so I was home just in time to bring home dinner. Jesse and I bought a cake...I know...crap was decorated with arts stuff which made her very happy. She got...
Books More books A hello Kitty And a ton of art supplies

Charlotte and Joey had a great time watching her open presents, and helping her play with her toys...

After Alana opened her presents I asked if she wanted cake...SHE SAID NO. Can you believe that!!! She said she just HAD to start making some art first. Then later she would make time for cake. What a girl... We had a party for her with friends later the following weekend. I am sure I have so pictures of that in my camera...I will try to see if I can't find them. Oh, and I have some great pictures of that baby eating cake on her birthday...I will upload those and keep catching up over the next few days (or weeks or month or promises, ok?)

Oh yeah...And this happened too...

Weird, huh?

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