Friday, January 9, 2009

PooPoo Snafoo and fond farewell to naps

So the other day I was saying that Char seemed to have a hurty owie tummy right? Well yesterday morning we found out why. I pulled her out of the swing to get her ready to go to the gym with me and I thought she smelled a little poopy. Well I unzip the sleep sack and there is poo all over her little thighs. Then I open up the onesie and pull up her legs and seeping through the onesie from the inside is poo, from her butt all the way up to her HAIR! BLECH BLECH BLECH!!! Laugh on future me... I has to throw her in the tub, rinse her off, clean the tub then give her a bath. She loved the bath part, but hated the poo cleaning.

In other news, Joey and Alana are done napping. They haven't been able to sleep properly at nap time for a long time, and lately we put them to bed at 8:30 and they don't sleep till 10-10:30!! So bye bye naps. I would rather have kiddos that go down easily at night then fight for a nap and fight for bed time. And while I do miss that little bit of time I used to get to myself (including the chance to lay down myself on occasion) They have suprised me with how much they can help with the little things I do when they are usually sleeping. Helping me tote laundry, pick up the livingroom, bring me dishes from all over the house. Alana is a great little house keeper. She begs to wipe down surfaces. Pretty cute! Maybe she will be better at keeping house that me some day! And it does seem that since we have asked them to hep with keeping the bedroom and playroom clean, they have been keeping it from getting too messy in the first place.

Today is Charlottes last day in most of her 0-3 month stuff. I should consider myself lucky, Joey was out of them mear weeks after she was born. Alana on the other hand was a tiny little stick baby and wore the 0-3 month stuff till 4 months. It is sad to put those things away...She still seems so little to me. Getting bigger and funnier everyday. She sort of chats now. I say stuff to her like, "how was your day" and she gurgles and smiles and coos. Pretty cute. She has been nodding at me when I nod for a while now, but last night I shook my head no and she shook hers right back at me. Freaking CRACK up that kid. I tried to catch her on the video camera on my compy, but darn that kid, she has her own mind. I will post it soon.

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  1. your girls are certainly growing up! Wow No more naps!! I think I will mourn that day when it comes to our house!!

    and Charlotte is getting so big!! I can't believe she is outgrowing her clothes already... didnt' you just have her?!?!