Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Three chicks in a row

The baby likes to babble now. Usually right after a feeding she will look up at me with milk mouth and smile big and start gurgling. And then she has "chats" for 10-15 min before getting cranky with the whole thing. Well yesterday we were on the couch chatting and Alana came to sit with me. We watched her and listened and giggled at her sounds together. Not long after that, Joey came and made me scoof over and make room for her too. It was just us three chicks in a row on the couch listening to her raspberry monologue and giggling at her. It was just one of those nice moments that break up the day.

I was watching ALana and Joey in the pool in swim class yesterday, they were so cute kicking around in the water on those noodles, and I could see from the observation booth that they were talking to each other and laughing about something or another. I just felt so glad that they like each other! (for now...hehe)

Yesterday after nap and rest time, I set the jumparoo up for Char. I put her in there and the girls came out to make faces and bounce her up and down in it. All three of my girls have been in that jumparoo now. It was fun watching them trying to teach her how to use it. All of a sudden it was sort of quiet (never a good sound really unless they are sleeping!) and I looked over. Joey and Alana were taking turns petting Char's little fuzzy head. And Char was just looking up at them with great big eyes.

Guess I had a lot of those moments yesterday!


  1. Don't you just love little sisters!!! I love to watch Raegan talk to Adriana and play with her!! I just hope they stay like this when they grow up!

  2. Awwww...precious sister moments. Love it.

  3. awwwwww.... awwwwww.... awwwwww..... melty heart moments!

  4. I think your girls will get along far beyond their younger years. I speak from experience when I say that it is totally possible! Plus, you've got the sweetest kids I know :)

  5. Murphy is a talker too, and early!

    SO cute your girls!