Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Not sure anyone is out there anymore! I suck at blogging. That is a fact. Alana started first grade this September. She is in a first/second grade mixed class and she LOVES it. She is still an amazing artist. And when she reads she already uses inflection to tell the story, even voices sometimes. She is her Daddy's daughter. She is a fashionista too. We set aside her outfit for the next day every night and it is always a series of compromises that ends in her asking, "When can I just decided myself!?" To which I say, "when you understand that you can't wear a summer dress in the fall..."

Joey started preschool at Wayne State this semester. It is an all day preschool monday through friday and it is FREE! PRAISE GOD! She loves school. And we get a little extra time together in the car every day. Alana at this age was never really great at knowing the other kids names or terribly social. She used to be more into the school part than the social part (this has changed since she started first grade!) But joey knows all the kids in her class, AND the other class. She has about 15 best friends. In fact, they had to put her rest time cot next to the toads cause she would talk to anyone they put her next to at rest time. At least that way she isn't keeping anyone from resting but the amphibians.

Charlotte is still the danger baby. But starting next week she is officially a danger toddler. I can't believe how fast she went from tiny baby, to toddler. Before I know it I will be posting about how she is starting 1st grade too. Char loves baby dolls, the dogs, coloring on walls, and licking things (mostly people...) When she is tired, she likes to pinch, bite and punch...I have never pinched bitten or punched her, so I am not sure where she got it from...but oooooh boy...she is tough.

Alana told me the other day that she feels so grown up. And the the kindergartners at school are so "cute." I feel old today. :P

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  1. They should put Joey next to me at nap time...we would keep everyone awake!